ZONA FRANCA REDEVELOPMENT | Undergraduate Design Project

Skills: Surveying, Map Analysis, Rhino, Adobe Illustrator

While on Barcelona I was tasked to redevelop the city's major industrial zone, the Zona Franca,  Ater a series of mapping exercises that revealed several problems with the current industrial zone, particularly that of the ENORMOUS size of the blocks. In order to produce an inhabitable area, my partner and I both decided to reduce the size of the blocks to smaller parcels of land via a game of Tetris. The game of Tetris helped us identify 3 different scales in the Zona Franca and 3 different operations to use to help reduce their scale: punch, slice, dissolve.

After devising a development strategy at a large scale, my partner and I then devised a subsystem to develop a plot of land that would catalyst the growth of the district. Continuing the game of Tetris, we devised an aggregate unit system that enabled growth and shrinkage based on the occupants' needs. Inserting the human and the human scale back into the Zona Franca, it becomes prime for inhabitation.

MOSI-OA-TUNYA: MUSIC OF MIST |  Imaginations Design Project:: Environment Design

Skills: 3D Modeling, Rendering, Photoshop, Illustrator, Concept Sketches

While competing in the 2018 Walt Disney Imagination Competition I served as a concept artist and environment design for my project team. The prompt called on all competing teams to design an experience located at one of the locations of the natural/ancient wonders of the world to teach lessons about preserving history and the environment. My group chose Victoria Falls, the hidden location of a lost civilization of people who used music to affect their environment, who have invited guests to come and appreciate nature and how to preserve it.

As my role as the concept artist and environment designer, I was responsible for making the preliminary 3D models and renderings that our team's animator would then draw over. With my knowledge in architecture and master planning, I also was responsible for creating the design of the whole park, ensuring the flow o each attraction worked well with the story and reality.


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